Sunday, 10 February 2013

You are probably wondering

What has happened to me for nearly a year. Well in general it was a pretty horrid year.
The prostate cancer that my darling husband had been battling with for over ten years finally took a strong hold of him and after a short illness he passed away last August. We'd been married for twenty one years and he simply was my best friend and the love of my life, I am totally lost without him.
On top of all that happening we had our house up for sale which would you believe sold the day before he died. I didn't know what to do as we had been trying to sell it for four months. So I accepted the offer and then had to turn around pack the house up and find somewhere else to live.
So I have been trying to come to terms with a total upheaval of everything I've ever known.
When I started this blog I didn't intend it to ever be personal I just wanted to showcase any new projects that I had been working on, but felt that I needed to explain my absence to those nice ladies who have been enquiring as to what has happened to me.
I would like to say a special thanks to my e- friend Desley Boland who has been encouraging me all the way through this bad time. Also the ladies in my sewing group, I couldn't have managed without them,everyone has been absolutely marvellous, there is nothing like the friendship that a mutual interest in sewing brings
Anyway I seem to be getting a bit of my mojo back and have been fiddling with some new dollies which I thought you might like to see.

I know the matryoshka dolls have been done to death but I hadn't done one so thought I would have a go. Anyway this is my version I hope that mine are a little bit different, I really only felt like working on some small projects. These are very addictive to make and it seemed impossible to stop at one I couldn't wait to make them up again to see what they look like in different fabrics.
I couldn't make my mind up if I liked the shape of them or not so I did a different shape and I still can't make my mind up
This little fella is part of a pattern for Easter, there will be a little basket with a bunny stitchery to go with him. I've been branching out into some stitcheries lately and really enjoy doing them, the only trouble is they take a bit longer to get finished