Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday 17th July

A bit late in catching up with my news I'm afraid, it's taking me a while to get used to this blogging, unfortunately I'm in the that age group where computers were'nt on the agenda at school so I'm a bit of a techno phobe where it comes to computers. The pictures below where of a class that I did way back in June, doll of the moment was Totti one of my new designs, it was a good day and hopefully all had fun!!!!!!!!
 Its hard not to want to dress the dolls before they're finished !!! I apologise for this boo boo I somehow have put this photo on twice and now I can't get rid of one of them !!!!! a total techno phobe.
 This lady was a lovely English lady who we had a few laughs with, maybe we've got the same sense of humour as I'm English too
 This is Wendy who travels all the way from Eugowra in N.S.W. to come to my class. I'm very honoured that she thinks it's worth while to travel so far, she comes to nearly all of my classes.
 These were two new ladies in the class, hope they had a good time, I think they did.
 And this is the famous Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched and owner of HomePatch, she came in to check out what we were up to, must get her in to a class one day.
This was also a can't wait to dress my dolly moment I think !!!!

I've also been really busy designing, a cute rabbit for next years Easter Homespun has given me a lot of new ideas.   The first one was this darling Christmas Fairy called wishes do come true. I used French General fabrics from Moda. I always love the French General range

The other project I've been working on was Kelli Wulsohn's Big Top Theatre for my grandson Archie. I made him a whole set of my puppet designs and when I saw the puppet theatre I thought it would go with my puppets so well. Not a project for the faint hearted I must admit but I haven;t done a lot of raw edge applique up till now but I'm keen to do some more now. Don't you just love Kellie's designs 


  1. Hello, I am a huge fan of your work, your designs are very beautiful and I'm glad I found your page.
    Your Fairy is gorgeous and I hope that the pattern be available soon.

  2. oh i love your christmas fairy!! is she released yet?

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