Monday, 19 December 2011

Last minute Christmas hello

Wow !! I can't believe it's been two months since I last wrote anything, doesn't time fly when you're having fun, well I think I've been having fun, sometimes I wonder????? I must admit to getting a little bit stressed out at this time of year, there doesn;t seem to be much Christmas spirit about everybody seems stressed and angry, have you noticed that nobody wishes you  Merry Christmas anymore in the shops, the assistants are so frazzled I'm sure they're thinking there isn't too much to be merry about.
I've been making some last minute handmade gift tags to go with my handmade gifts, so I thought I would like to share them with you, very easy. I used scrapbooking paper of which there is a gorgeous selection. I'm very lucky that we have a fabulous scrapbooking shop in Bathurst and must admit to frequenting on a regular basis. Not that I'm a scrapbooker but I find that there is lots of things that I can incorporate into the doll designs. Anyway back to the tags, the measurements are on the photo below. I like to cut out all of my cardboard templates first, it makes it easier for when you want to make multiples of the same thing.
                                             Cut out all of the pieces in the desired papers
                                                Then glue them together in the order shown

 For the centre piece I just printed out multiples of Mery Christmas on the computer using two different fonts, one for each word, then I just put a few dots around the wording with a fine tip felt pen.
 Finally punch a hole in the top end of the tag and I tied a raffia bow around the outside of the tag and                                                                 made a bow at the front
 These are two different variations, one I've glued two rows of ric rac around the card and then glued a button on the join. The other one I've used some mini wire tinsel, wrapped it around the tag and sewn a pearl button on the join
Being such a techno phobe, this blog as taken me so long to get together and post, there must be an easier way!!!Has someone got a five year old to lend me so that they can show me how to work this thing. I have a lovely Christmas banner that I made but I now will have to do that in the next post. Best Wishes Annie


  1. Love your tags Annie... three of my daughters are into scrapping... not my thing... but I love to see what others make and love the things my girls make for me.....

    Cath Ü

  2. Annie where are you ?... LOL
    Cath Ü

  3. Lindas!!!
    Amei seu blog.
    Abraços do Brasil