Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Patterns

Hello everyone, I know it's a bit late but a happy healthy and productive new year to you all.
I know it's been a long time again but just thought I would let you know about some new patterns from last year and this. I am trying to keep busy sewing and designing, sometimes I think my head works faster than my finger.
I now have a new agent who is selling my patterns, it's Karen Kirk from The stitching Post in Katoomba. Her and her husband Bren have been very keen to help me which is wonderful and I'm looking forward to a new business partnership with them.
If you don't know Karen's shop it's in the heart of the Blue Mountains  N.S.W. She has a fabulous shop, it's an old house with lots of different rooms and each room is stacked full with all sorts of goodies. She has one of the best selection of patterns I've ever seen, also Karen has a wonderful eye for colour and stocks some amazing fabrics, I just love going there. My favourite room is the Christmas Room because of course that's my favourite topic of design.If you can't manage to get to Karen's shop you can see all of these patterns and more on her website..www.thestitchingpost.com.au or you can phone Karen on (02) 47825809 she also does wholesale if anyone wants to buy for their business.

 I just loved making these little pixie dolls, her name is "Trixie Pixie" and they're very addictive, I couldn't stop at just one, I just kept wanting to see what she looked like in other fabrics. Of course you don't have to make her in Christmas fabric she would look nice as a spring pixie with flowers instead of holly and tisel.

These two cuties are "Hoot and Toot" the colours that you could use for these two is unlimited, they look good in bright bold or soft pastel colours for a softer look. They are very easy to make too and I thnk even a beginner could make these.

This one is so sweet her name is "Baby Bug" although I like to think of her more of a baby butterly. Once again I've used bright colours but she would look good in soft pastels. She would be so cute to give to a new born baby
 I seem to be into cute lately for some reason, it could be that I've just got my first girl grandchild after three boys so it's wonderful to think of things for a baby girl..... This cute bunny is called of course "Bunny Love"
I know this is a bit early for Christmas but it is only 334 !!! days till the next one and before you know it it's here again.I really enjoyed designing these, they are quite similar to the designs I did for Jingly Dangly Things but they are different.You probably can't see from the photo but each section has been quilted in a different way. You could also extend the pattern at the top to fit in a child's name.
A few more Trixe Pixie's, I told you they were addictive.
The other thing that I've become addicted to is "Pinterest' it's absolutely endles the stuff that you can find on there. I try not to look but as you're walking past the computer I'll say "I'll just have a litte look and before you know it two hours have gone by, no wonder the house looks a mess. I have a Pinterest page if you would like to look it up, if you just type Country Keepsake Dolls by Annie Smith you should find my page....
Anyway Bye for now keep sewing, have fun and best wishes .....Annie


  1. Your new dolls are wonderful, I love the owls, very cute! but the others are fantastic. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Welcome back! I hope we see more of you this year. I had just
    found your blog last year and really enjoyed my visit. Lovely projects
    you have been doing, very sweet.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. I am so happy to see that you have created some new patterns! I love all your work!


  4. I adore your new creations! Best wishes for continued success with your wonderful designs. :) I've added your name to my own Pinterest.

  5. Hello. I own a quilt shop in Spain and would like to contact you. Could you please provide your email address??? mine is micasitadepatch@hotmail.com. Thanks

  6. I miss your blog!!!! :(
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. I wonder how is it going, are you still in partnership? well those Dolls are so cute at all.

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  10. Where can I find your doll patterns? They are so cute and I would love to make them. Hoping all is well and we hear from you soon!

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