Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi my name is Annie Smith, I design and create dolls to sell as sewing patterns.
I will endeavour to keep you posted on anything new or interesting  that I am working on.
here are some of the  designs I have been working on lately.

 These are in a set of puppet patterns that I created initially for my grandson and now are making into patterns. The pair above are Klanky and Spanners two really cute robots.
 And to frighten any child is Viktor and Frankie
 So cute is Princess Fiona and Pirate Jack, I think she's just longing to be rescued by the handsome pirate.
 Just for Christmas is Holly, she's quite tiny but a doll to cherish for the holiday season. She's made of  felt with a blue and red floral bodice.Her hat is decorated with handmade holly and berries also made of felt
 Butterfly Dreams, I had so much fun making these, I've lost count of how many I've made but I never get sick of making them. Everyone turns out differently, there are so many beautiful bright fabrics out there thet the design possibilities are endless. Perfect for that new baby as agift or any cute little girl that you know.
This is Totti, such a diminutive little girl, she has a round head which is sooooooo easy to make and I think gives the doll a lot more character. She has fabric striped legs and painted shoes. Her body is weighted with sand which givees her a nice feel, you won't want to put her down.


  1. Picked up the pattern princess puppet yesterday, they are all so cute! Plus have a couple of other patterns as well, thought my days of cloth dolls where over years ago but with a new addition to the family it seems they are on the cards again. The teenage girls are no help either as they are the ones begging me to make them!! Glad to have found your blog...

  2. aww bless they are all so CUTE! i just purchased Tottie,butterfly dreams and holly and few other of your patterns.I have never made this type of doll before but so can not wait for my patterns to arrive.LOVE your designs.

  3. EVERYTHING you make is so beautiful and so lovely! You do wonderful things! Bravo!

  4. I haven't been able to find the pattern for Christmas Santa Cones? Could you help me out. I have this pinned and have received a lot of requests for a pattern.

  5. I love your pattern's can you tell me were to buy them I live in the US please let me know

  6. Can you please tell me were to buy your pattern's? I live in Greece...thank you

  7. Are your patterns still available to purchase? I live in the USA.

  8. Hi I purchased Sugar Plum kit a few years ago and have just decided to start it. Unfortunately the pattern for the doll is not in the kit. Can you advise where I could get the actual doll pattern. Not having much luck. Thanks Kay Wallace