Saturday, 17 September 2011

Butterfly Dreams

Well it was up early yesterday to get to Home Patch at Bathurst to teach a doll workshop.
The doll of the moment was Butterfly Dreams a nice little project to get finished in a day. This butterfly is something to let your imagination run wild. There are so many lovely bright fabrics out there now, that we're spoiled for choice. Anni also has a lovely selection of beautiful felt at the shop and many in lovely bright colours. These butterflies are pretty addictive as well, once you've made one it's hard to stop. They are perfect for little gifts and would look great hanging up "en masse"

This lady was going into mass production, she was making three at once !! She didn't want her photo taken though because she had cropped her hair short, but how lovely of her to do it, as it was in sympathy with her sister who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

These were two of the finished butterflies don't you just love the colours the ladies have chosen.
If anyone out here in the Central West is interested in joining any of the classes you can check the Home Patch web site for details or give them a call (63 31 5002 ) the girls in the shop are really helpful and will give you any information that you need.
Happy sewing Annie


  1. Too cute... thought I was finished with dolls but your patterns are so lovely and the suprise addition of a baby girl means I am on the doll train again!! Problem is I want to do all of them...

  2. I am interested in teaching this class at a quilt shop here in the US. Is there a supplier here in the US for this pattern that you can recommend? Thanks, Sarah

    1. Hi sarah, I'm not sure where you could get the butterfly dreams pattern in the U.S.I can recommend a site here in Australia but it wouldn't be whol;esale. It's girl that runs the site is a friend of mine and is a very reliable distributor.If you wanted to buy wholesale you could try